We reported yesterday on the “Monster mom” and want you to know the latest update:

JUSTICE FOR CHILDREN WITHOUT VOICES: We have spoken to Detective Luerra with Arcola Police Department and confirmed that the children seen in the video are safe and a case now has been opened. Arcola Police Department is diligently working with CPS and the District Attorney’s Office.
We want to send a HUGE thank you to Deputy Fisherhill and Detective Luerra for the fast response in making sure these children are safe. And a huge thank you to all of our members who gave this child a voice and helped us get the info to the correct investigating department. We look forward to working with this department, and with all of you, in the future as we advocate for our children and ensure them a voice! Thank you!
“When in the course of raising awareness, alarmism occurs, we would do well, as a civilized society, to acknowledge those alarming statistics and act accordingly. We should never allow ourselves to believe falsely that awareness is enough when action is required.”
~Quote By: Justice For Children Without Voices


***WARNING***Very disturbing video***
The monster in this video, who is also sadly a mother of a young boy, films herself abusing her son after finding out he voted for Donald Trump at school. Apparently, she thought it would be clever to videotape herself abusing him and kicking him out of her home. The cries and pleas from this little boy to his “mother” begging her to let him stay are absolutely heartbreaking! Hopefully, this video will help the proper authorities to identify her and help her young son to find a safe and hate-free environment in which to live. This woman is a monster, and no child should ever have to suffer this kind of hateful ignorance. Obama’s legacy of hate and division…check!

“You wanna hmmmm…vote for him? Imma show you! Evan…get your suitcase and get out! We don’t do Donald Trump here. Bye!”


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