The shocking video of a young girl being pulled from a drive-thru window went viral and now we have arrests of three of the teenagers who were involved:

SEPTEMBER 2–Police have charged a quartet of women in connection with an attack last week on a 16-year-old McDonald’s employee who was pulled through a drive-thru window and beaten outside the Louisiana restaurant.


Police today announced the arrest of Kailin Holland, 17(photo above), for felony battery. Pictured at right, Holland, who is accused of pulling the victim through the drive-thru window, was released from jail on a $10,000 bond.

Detectives also issued misdemeanor summonses for simple battery to Sierra Gregoire, 18, and a 16-year-old girl. Additionally, a misdemeanor summons for disturbing the peace by fighting was issued to Bradnika Gregoire, 20.

After exchanging words with the victim, Holland grabbed the teenager by the hair and yanked her through the drive-thru window. The victim struck the side of the vehicle–and may have broken the driver’s side window–before landing on the ground between the car and the eatery.


The McDonald’s employee told cops that after she was pulled through the window, the driver “started punching her.” She noted that “several other female subjects accompanied the assailant and punched her as well,” according to investigators.

The suspects fled the McDonald’s (seen below) in the vehicle. The victim, who was evaluated at the scene by EMS workers, declined medical treatment.

The McDonald’s worker provided investigators with the names of some of the assailants, and detectives were aided by other witness accounts and surveillance video. Police say an “ongoing dispute” between the victim and her assailants prompted the attack.


SHOCKING video has emerged showing a McDonald’s worker being pulled through the drive-through window by her hair.
It is not clear what triggered the brawl, but mobile phone video shared on LiveLeak shows a customer in the car shouting at a young worker standing behind the counter.

Laplace, Louisiana — A fast food employee was pulled through a LaPlace restaurant drive-through window and beaten in the parking lot Wednesday night, authorities said.

St. John the Baptist Parish Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to the McDonald’s located at 1608 W. Airline Highway in LaPlace at 8:21 p.m. Wednesday following a disturbance.

Sheriff Mike Tregre said a 16-year-old female victim told deputies she was working the drive through window when a car pulled up.

“A female subject exited the car, opened the (drive-through) window, pulled her through the window and started punching her,” Tregre said in a release. “She said several other female subjects accompanied the assailant and punched her as well. The perpetrators fled in the car.”

Medical personnel evaluated the victim, and she refused treatment, authorities said.

“Juvenile detectives are in charge of this investigation,” Tregre said. “With witness accounts and after evaluation of recorded video surveillance, detectives anticipate making arrests in this investigation.”

Authorities did not release how many suspects they are looking for or descriptive information on those suspects.
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