Sounds like politics to me but the prosecutor in this case is refusing to press hate crime charges against the men who pummeled a white guy on July 4th.

Raeshaun Hand, 19, is in custody, charged with felonious assault and is currently being held on $100,000 bond.
Steven Montgomery,18, turned himself in on Friday afternoon, accompanied by his parents and there is a warrant for the arrest 28 year old Mordecia Black.
All three were involved in a brutal attack which left Christopher McKnight 27, a white male unconscious with a broken nose, broken facial bones and a concussion after he was viciously beaten by a Mob of Black youths and left for dead, his face covered in blood.

The Officers who witnessed this listed it as Anti-White, a Hate Crime, on the Cincinnati Department Incident Report Form. Police Captain Mike Neville later retracted that description.
Then Cincinnati Police Chief Jeffrey Blackwell reconsidered asked Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters to pursue hate crime charges.
Finally, Prosecutor Joe Deters said that this was not a ‘Hate Crime’ claiming that the victim was intoxicated and was robbed because his wallet was exposed.
Welcome to Obama’s America…



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Police Chief Jeffrey Blackwell has reconsidered and is asking Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters to pursue hate crime charges in the Government Square attack that left a white man beaten and bloody on the Fourth of July.

Police Officer Alicia Essert called the beating “anti-white” in the incident report, but at a news conference about the incident, Cincinnati Police Capt. Mike Neville backed off that claim, calling it a “mistake.”

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A news release from the police department issued Wednesday did not explain the reversal.

Christopher McKnight, 27, of Albany, Indiana, suffered a broken nose and concussion in the beating. He was released from the hospital Sunday night.

Two officers were injured while trying to control a crowd at Fountain Square that spilled onto Government Square.

A melee broke out on Fountain Square at about 11 p.m. Saturday just as a hip-hop concert was ending. Officers on the square called for back up, which brought 60 officers to help. Some donned riot gear.[…]

Mayor John Cranley said “Saturday night was unacceptable”, but called it a one-time event. He blamed poor planning for the problems, including too few officers and allowing a concert aimed at teenagers to end after the city’s curfew.

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Here we go again! We’ve been reporting on the targeting of whites by groups of black teens. This video will make your  blood boil! We’ve seen this way too often lately.


This is something to watch since Cincinnati is scheduled to host Major League Baseball’s All Star Game next week. Is Cinci ready for the All Star Game?

A video (VIDEO IS BELOW) posted Sunday to the Facebook account of “QbabyOfTeamQ” (this account has since been suspended) purports to show the bloodied victim of a racial attack in Cincinnati during a race riot in Fountain Square on Saturday night.


One voice can be heard asking for someone to call 911.

A report by a police officer posted online said that police had to rescue the man from an attacking mob of about forty Black people:

The Cincinnati Enquirer detailed two of the arrests:

“Jy Quynn Britten, 21, punched a peace officer in the face while officers tried to arrest another person, according to court documents.



“Britten then ran from officers through Fountain Square before being Tased and arrested.

“As arrests were made, an officer told a bystander operating a camera, “Hey, when you’re shooting that video make sure you get the officer with the busted lip.”

“Britten is accused of assault, resisting arrest, and obstructing official business.”

…”Gary Sheffield, 29, was arrested in the 500 block of Walnut Street near Fountain Square for misconduct at an emergency, according to court documents.

“Police said Sheffield refused to obey orders and screamed at officers.”

Two officers were injured during the riot by people who were throwing fireworks, rocks, bottles and punches at the officers. Seven people were arrested including three juveniles.

The alleged details of the beating of the victim were told by a police officer in an anonymous online statement reported by the website Cincinnati Vs. Everyone:

…”So then we form into riot formation with helmets on and begin passing out the shields. Honestly this was the first time I got to partake in this. So we see ahead a scuffle begin and think it’s just a fight. Well not so much, it was like 40 v. 1. I saw 40 v. 1, it was 40 black youths stomping the crap out of one unlucky male white. He didn’t do anything to deserve this beating except be white. I’m going to skip all the rhetoric and just say don’t we all matter???

This just pissed us all off. Time to rescue or at least try to get these thugs off of him. So we were sent in with shields and arrest team to do a victim rescue. Feel bad for the guy since he nor anyone deserved a beat down like that for no reason…”

The officer ended his statement with a plea for unity:

“I felt like I had to tell the truth and get the word out there from one of the men on the front line. We as an American Society and Cincinnatians need to get our (act) together because these types of interactions are going to increase. I say it again, this stuff is increasing not only here at home but across the country. We need to come together and fight back.”


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