VP PENCE ANNOUNCED IN AUSTRALIA that the U.S. will take the refugees that Trump previously called a “dumb” deal…
The agreement is to be honored but this was an agreement made by Obama! We should NOT do this! We have taken approx. 40,000 refugees this year alone!

Iranian men can’t be sent back to Iran so they will come to the U.S? Why should we take these people?

We reported on this February 15, 2017

US Officials arrived in Australia to interview the refugees that Australia already rejected. This is ridiculous! We shouldn’t take one of these people! Not a single one! President Trump was basically dumped on by Obama when he left office. The 1,200 refugees were supposed to be taken by the US thanks to Obama but Trump took one look and called this a “dumb deal”. Why are we now following through with this? We’ve already taken over 34,000 so-called “refugees’ in the past 4 months! 

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“A one off agreement” to send to the U.S. – John Kerry said they would “consider” this…Sooo, why are we doing this now that we have a new administration?

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FROM 2013 – WHEN AUSTRALIA FIRST DECIDED TO SEND REFUGEES TO MANOS ISLAND – “Australia said no to boat people” What happened?

FROM 2011 – A true story of a family living off of the Australian taxpayers – What happened?


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