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A couple days ago, I brought you this report:

The Truth Behind The NVIDIA Name and Logo?

In it, I broke down all the occult symbolism in the NVIDIA name and logo.

I'll republish that full report down below in case you missed it, but you might already notice a few things just looking at it....

Like the fact that the logo seems to be a combination of the Pedo-Boy-Lover image and the Eye of Horus (gee, what a nice mashup)!

But one of you emailed me to say I missed the most obvious....the 666 hidden right in the logo.

Why do they always do this?

Just another coincidence that that darned 666 just showed up again in a logo for the biggest company on the face of the Earth.

Can you see it?

How about if I draw them out for you:

So weird how that just keeps popping up everywhere.

Keep reading and I'll show you dozens of more examples, as well as an explanation for what the name NVIDIA might be code for.

It's all below in my original report:

The Truth Behind The NVIDIA Name and Logo?

This is pretty wild....

A couple days ago, I posted this question to Twitter:

I was curious to see what everyone would see...

I mean, it's a strange name isn't it?


Why would anyone ever choose that weird name?

No one even knows how to pronounce it. was a coded message hidden in plain sight?

Then a couple days later I gave the full explanation:

What do you notice about this?

First of all, the logo seems to be a combo of the "boy-lover" pedo symbol combined with the Eye of Horus.

Second, the light/dark symmetry is prime occult symbology.

But here's where it gets wild....

NVIDIA was created in 1993, LONG before the AI revolution. It was started a simply a graphics card company.

But it just so happens (coincidence, right?) that the name spelled backwards is AI Divn. As in "AI Divine".

And what do these people think they're doing?

Creating a new AI "god".

Just a big coincidence, right?

How wild is that?

Decades before the AI revolution was even considered possible, NVIDIA named the company AI Divine in reverse?

What are the odds?

Just a random coincidence, I'm sure....

Nothing to see here!

Do NOT put on your tin-foil hat!

Oh, and did you know this week the value of NVIDIA surpassed the ENTIRE German Stock Exchange?

Just a random coincidence that the company trying to create our new "AI overlords" is suddenly the most valuable company on the planet.

Oh and they want to be your virtual doctor too:

Would you trust that?

But now let's dig deeper into Logos and Names and how they constantly hide the 666 and other occult symbology in their names and logos:

THREADS: Why Do They Love 666 So Much?

Why do "they" love 666 so much?

I think it's pretty obvious, the Bible tells us why.

But perhaps you haven't seen or noticed.

They always hide these things "in plain sight".

Ready for me to pull back the veil?

Let's start with some you may have missed...

How about Disney for starters:

Now do you see why that font was chosen?

It always bothered me that the "y" was so goofy, but now you know why....they needed to get the last 6 in there!

How about Google Chrome...

Ever noticed this?

Hidden in plain sight!

They love that design.

How about our friends over at the World Economic Forum.

No surprise here:

Just had to draw the line right through the 0's didn't they?

Of course.

Gives you three perfect sixes!

Here's another one that should be no surprise: CERN:

I don't even need to highlight those three sixes, they are very obvious.

And then we have the new Facebook/Meta Threads.

Toxic from the jump, of course the logo is full of sixes!

Here's an alternate way of counting:

I agree with Catturd:

And Kim Dotcom:

Meanwhile, according to GizChina, they claim the logo is so "inspiring" -- give me a break:


Before we discuss what Mosseri said about the Thread logo, let us take a look at what the Threads logo is. The Threads logo is a simple design that consists of a circle with a vertical line running through it. At first glance, the logo looks like an “@” symbol, but it is not exactly an “@” symbol. The logo is realized in Instagram’s sans serif font, which gives it a modern and sleek look.


Yesterday, Mosseri published a post on Threads introducing the meaning of the Threads Logo. He said that Threads’ Logo is derived from the classic Internet symbol “@”, which represents a person’s username, individual independence and voice. The logo interprets “@” as an unbroken line, inspired by the loop that occurs when a thread starts. This meaning of the logo is that when a Thread starts, it continues as a loop.

The logo is realized in Instagram’s sans serif font, which gives it a modern and sleek look. Meta has stated that the Threads logo is inspired by the Tamil alphabet. The Tamil alphabet is a script that is used to write the Tamil language, which is spoken in India and Sri Lanka. The Tamil alphabet consists of 12 vowels and 18 consonants, and it is known for its unique and intricate letterforms.

It is worth mentioning that the lines of this Logo are not hand-painted by the artist, but are based on Instagram’s own font Instagram Sans. The entire font is designed in a shape between a circle and a square, which also makes the Threads Logo look It is a “somewhat square round body”.

Threads logo is based on the Tamil letter “ம” (ma). The letter “ம” is a consonant that is pronounced as “ma” in Tamil. The letterform of “ம” consists of a circle with a vertical line running through it. This is similar to the Threads logo. The Threads logo is a simplified version of the Tamil letter “ம”, which gives it a clean and modern look.

Here's more if you want to go on a deep dive...

Symbolism Will Be Their Downfall -- CONFRONTING The So-Called "Elites"!

Ever wonder why there's a pyramid with the top cut off on every U.S. dollar bill?

Or why famous people constantly cover one eye?

Or why they love to pose with their right hand inside their jacket?

And on and on it goes...

Sure, some of it could be coincidence, but how do you explain this one, with Macron in France recently?

Nope, it's not edited...

Not fake...

Just a bunch of "elites" all posing together to make the Illuminati pyramid symbol.

Who does that?

WHY would you do that?

Symbolism will be their downfall.

And yes, that's exactly what it was:

Another angle, still shot:

Oh, that you?

And then we have the Devil Horns....

Oh wait, I forgot, these people are all just big Texas Longhorn fans, right?

And covering the one eye:

And here's Jacko doing the one eye:

Who poses like that?

I mean,'s a sign and symbol.

And whatever the hell this is:

And how about Disney?

They above all else are STEEPED in these Satanic ritual symbols...

Here's just a few:

We've covered this topic many times before, so if you want more check out these articles where we dive deep:

DNC and RNC Logos Exposed….Symbolism Will Be Their Downfall

And this:

FACT-CHECKED TRUE: Proof Zelensky Is “New World Order”

And this:

WE INVESTIGATE: Suddenly The 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony Makes a LOT More Sense….

And of course this:

Adrenachrome “Black Eye Club” Finally Exposed In Detail…

This is a Guest Post from our friends over at WLTReport.

View the original article here.

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