In a viral, 18-second video posted on Twitter last week, a man in the back seat of an official UN vehicle was caught being straddled by a woman in a red dress. The United Nation was quick to denounce the action of its staffer and claims the misconduct “goes against everything that we stand for,” as previously reported by 100% FED Up.

The video appears to show the backseat lovers having sex in the back of a UN car.

Two UN workers have been suspended as the video of people having sex in an official vehicle in Israel sparked outcry. The UN has confirmed the two men in the car are workers from the United Nations Truce Supervision Organization (UNTSO), a peacekeeping force based in Jerusalem, according to Daily Mail.

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The video was originally released by Inner City Press, an outlet that has reported and covered corruption at the world body for years, which has been banned from reporting on U.N. grounds since 2018. According to the UNTSO website, UN staffers “remain in the Middle East to monitor ceasefires, supervise armistice agreements, prevent isolated incidents from escalating and assist other United Nations peacekeeping operations in the region.”

Stephane Dujarric, spokesperson for UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, said yesterday that their suspension was appropriate “given the seriousness of the allegations of failing to observe the standards of conduct expected of international civil servants.” “UNTSO has re-engaged in a robust awareness-raising campaign to remind its personnel of their obligations to the UN Code of Conduct,” Dujarric added.

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(Photo/Screenshot via Twitter video)

Although the UN claims to have strict regulations governing sexual misconduct by its workers, it has repeatedly come under fire for breaches in recent years.

In December, a report claimed peacekeepers at the UN had ‘hundreds of babies with women in Haiti before abandoning the young mothers.  The study into the UN mission in the disaster-hit Caribbean country said girls as young as 11 were left pregnant after being sexually abused. Some of the girls were traded for “a few coins” in order to get food and would have sex with the peacekeepers so they could survive, a British academic-led study found. After their children were born, the young mothers were left to a life of poverty, according to the Times.

What will the UN attempt to cover up next?

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