The glowing review we gave to Miss USA Kara McCullough must be revoked…Bummer!

She was our hero when she defended liberty from the liberals who believe healthcare is not a right but a privilege. Liberals wasted no time exploding in rage, seeing it as an intolerable betrayal of their ideology by someone who had an advantage in the pursuit of her crown due to political correctness. Today we see this:

If healthcare is to be a “right for all worldwide,” you had better open up your wallet. Places like Uganda cannot be provided with modern healthcare on a coercive basis at the national level. Socialism has always been globalist in its redistributive aspirations.

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Hot Air says maybe she really is clarifying rather than reversing what she actually meant:

Her answer on Sunday night … wasn’t all that coherent (“to all the American citizens worldwide”?). She may have heard the word “privilege” and, in the stress of the moment, processed it not in the legal sense but in the colloquial sense, as a synonym for gratitude for one’s good fortune. E.g., it’s a privilege to be a citizen of the greatest country in the world, I’m privileged to have a wonderfully supportive family, what a privilege to have good medical care through your job, etc. A pageant contestant wants to project graciousness, so that’s what she did.

Or maybe she was taken to the woodshed for an attitude adjustment, and came back a commie.

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