This lunch is pretty bad but is not lacking in nutrition just full of fat and sugar. No fruit or veggie in sight. Having said that, it’s not the job of the school to play food police. It’s just more of the government intrusion into our everyday life. I make lunch for my kids every morning and always put healthy items and provide a well rounded lunch. I don’t feel it’s my place or the school’s to tell this mom what to make for her child.

One Colorado girl was forbidden from finishing her lunch after a teacher decided it wasn’t nutritious enough.

Leeza Pearson reportedly packed her 5-year-old daughter a ham and cheese sandwich, string cheese and a 4-pack of Oreos on Friday. When her daughter returned home from the Children’s Academy in Aurora, Pearson found a note in the girl’s lunchbox alongside the pack of uneaten Oreos, The Sun Times reports.

“Dear Parents, it is very important that all students have a nutritious lunch,” the note read. “This is a public school setting and all children are required to have a fruit, a vegetable and a healthy snack from home, along with a milk.”

Questions over the note remain. The director of Children’s Academy said she’s investigating the note, adding that it should not have gone out to any parent. The director said it is not school policy to tell parents what children can or can’t eat for lunch.

A discussion will be held with the teacher Tuesday, the director said.

Pearson is concerned this points to a larger issue.

“What the school thinks is healthy for her is not what I think is healthy for her,” Pearson said. “That’s between me and her and our doctor – not the school.”

Via: 9news

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