President Trump’s lawyers are urgently seeking to crowdfund video footage of 1/6 in order to aid in his defense

The persecution of participants and supports of January 6th is one of the biggest shams in US history. It’s also one of the many tyrannical pieces of Biden’s Democrat regime. In order to defend President Trump successfully from the vicious Democrat attacks, Trump’s attorney Peter Ticktin has contacted The Gateway Pundit with a request for their community to send in video footage of January 6th. A request we will share and reiterate here.

Peter Ticktin’s official letter, from The Gateway Pundit:

The lawsuits against President Trump, much like those against GOP stars such as Rep. Paul Gosar and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, are meant not to achieve justice or any true legal goals. Rather, they are political efforts to undermine democracy and remove those who threaten the Democrat establishment from office and from running.

Right now, the best way we have to help prevent that is to send in our footage exonerating President Trump and his supporters here:

Remember, the bias judges have so far been thwarted in similar cases.

However, the hatred and fear the establishment has for President Trump cannot be underestimated.

Trump’s statements to his supporters before the riot “is the essence of civil conspiracy,” Judge Amit Mehta wrote in a 112-page opinion, because Trump spoke about himself and rallygoers working “towards a common goal” of fighting and walking down Pennsylvania Avenue.

The mental stretches necessary to come to that conclusion are far less likely than simple evil intentions and lying. Anything you can submit right now to help prevent judges like this from barring President Trump from running is crucial.

It is your patriotic duty to submit any exonerating videos you have to Trump’s defense team.

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