The US economy is in serious trouble and the Americans are tragically forced to rely on the guy who got “81 million votes” yet can’t read a speech from a teleprompter to rescue families from economic ruin.

Joe Biden and the Democrat Party-led economic crisis is crushing low-income Americans and destroying the retirement savings of millions—-but hey, at least they’re forced to buy less gas, right?

Joe Biden the Democrat Party’s choice to lead our nation just won the worst consumer sentiment ever recorded in the history of the United States in a study done by the University of MI.

Watch CNN’s Harry Enten explain, as he compares Joe Biden to Jimmy Carter, saying Biden “is doing worse” than Carter.

The CPI inflation data last week came in at a new high of 8.6% on June 10 “officially”, reaching another 40-year high. However, we know that true inflation is actually about twice that high. Everything reported nowadays is fake, false, and outright lies nowadays.

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Daily Mail reports – The US Federal Reserve is poised to raise borrowing costs Wednesday amid the troubling acceleration of inflation, with the only question being whether officials will opt for the biggest hike in nearly three decades or a smaller step up.

The central bank seemed set to increase the benchmark interest rate again by 0.5 percentage points, but a resurgence of consumer and producer prices in May has fueled growing speculation of a 75-basis-point hike.

Fed Chair Jerome Powell

While some economists continue to argue that such an aggressive step would indicate rising panic among policymakers who are usually reluctant to surprise financial markets, others argue that the Fed is behind the curve and needs to react strongly to prove its resolve to combat inflation

Biden on Tuesday blamed Russia for inflation, which is afflicting countries worldwide, and criticized Republicans for blocking his efforts to help American families feeling the pain.

Biden’s new mouthpiece is doing a miserable job defending Joe Biden and the Democrat-led House and Senate’s disastrous economy. Yesterday, during a press briefing, Karine Jean-Pierre asked the sycophant media to “remember where this country was” when Biden “walked into office.”

Since the fake news media refused to cover the incredible economy Trump built in his four short years in office, here’s a quick snapshot of where we were and where we are now:

And here’s a real-life example of what it cost to fill up my vehicle yesterday with gas prices soaring at between $5.29-$5.49/gallon in Michigan:


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