A Freedom of Information Act has revealed that the National Institute of Health spent over $2.3 million on experiments in which puppies were injected with cocaine.

These experiments, beginning in September 2020, took seven six-month-old beagle puppies and performed surgery on them to implant a “telemetry unit” to monitor vital signs. The researchers then put them into drug-injecting jackets which dosed them with cocaine and an experimental compound for months to study the interaction of the two drugs.

After the conclusion of the experiment, the puppies were not released, but instead either killed or shipped off to be used as test subjects in other experiments, otherwise known as being “recycled”.

Unfortunately, another round of this experiment occurred from March 2020 to March 2021.

These experiments were uncovered by an FOIA filed by the White Coat Waste Project, whose Public Policy and Communications Manager, Devin Murphy, told The National Pulse:

“#BeagleGate just got bigger. Taxpayers should not be forced to foot the multi-million-dollar bill for wasteful and cruel ‘Coke Hound’ experiments in which beagle puppies are injected with cocaine to fulfill just to fulfill burdensome and outdated FDA red tape. The NIH is addicted to spending and it’s time we got this waste and abuse off of the taxpayer’s back.”

In White Coat Waste Project’s blog post about the cruel experiment, author Amanda Nieves writes,

“These dogs experienced more pain before their first birthday than any dog should have to experience in its lifetime — all for the purpose of writing a report. According to documents we obtained via FOIA requests, the report “may be submitted by NIDA to the FDA” — even though the FDA has said that it does not require drugs to be tested in dogs.

And who’s doing the experiments, and receiving your money? The experiments were contracted to SRI International — the same organization that spent taxpayer money to poison and “de-bark” beagle puppies. Since they didn’t have the correct equipment, however, they outsourced their experiments to Charles River Laboratories — the same organization that “maintains” the monkeys of Morgan Island, so they can be used in wasteful and cruel NIH experiments.”

This discovery comes just after Fauci was revealed to have funded studies that “debarked” beagle puppies.


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