Like millions of Americans who are sick of the lies of the Democrat Party…people sincerely want to know the truth about what happened on January 6, 2020. They don’t want to hear the phony narrative that’s being played on national TV by the Democrat Party mainstream media in their efforts to aid in the Jan 6 partisan committee’s witch hunt against Trump and his supporters.

Americans have grown weary of the lies they’ve been told over the past five years, meant to foment hate and distrust of President Trump and his inner circle. Fortunately for America, lawmakers like Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) and Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) are not sitting back and allowing another well-orchestrated lie like the January 6th “insurrection” to stand without questioning the facts surrounding the case.

Democrats staged a moment of silence today in the House chambers, while Speaker Pelosi falsely tied the death of Officer Brian Sicknik to the “Capitol riots,” while Republican Representatives. Gaetz and Taylor Green stood outside the Capitol and asked some fundamental questions that must be answered if we genuinely want a clear picture of what transpired on that day.

As they stood at the original site of the Capitol ground breach, Rep. Matt Gaetz and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green encouraged viewers to watch videos and read about Ray Epps, a man who clearly played a role in the Capitol incident, yet remains one of the most “unwanted” men by the FBI in America.

Ray Epps speaking into the ear of one of the men who helped to tear down the barricade between protesters and Capitol Police. After speaking to the individual, Epps fades back into the crowd. He’s shown again in another video entering the Capitol grounds with the crowd who initially breached the barricades.

Many people believe Epps is a federal agent who was involved in recruiting individuals to go inside the Capitol the day before and during President Trump’s speech at the Ellipse.

“Ninety minutes before Trump’s speech was scheduled to begin; Ray Epps was at the Washington Monument at 10:24 AM.” Taylor Greene pointed out that Epps was strategically located in the main pathway to Trump’s speech, telling people to go toward the Capitol instead. “Forty minutes before Trump concluded his speech, there at 12:31 pm, other operators were waiting at the Capitol, and they were actually cutting down the fence.” Rep. Gaetz explained that because someone cut down the fencing around the Capitol before the conclusion of Trump’s speech, individuals leaving the Ellipse would not have known they were trespassing on Capitol grounds “and assumed it was a continuation of The Mall.” Taylor Greene asked who the people were that cut down the fencing around the Capitol, she asked.  “I didn’t see any of them in the DC jail here,” she said.

In addition to the alleged operatives removing fencing from around the Capitol, Greene pointed out another person who was possibly an undercover operative. “Be civil” megaphone guy trespassed deep inside the Capitol lawn,” Taylor Greene said, adding that she forgot his name.

Taylor Greene pointed out that Trump still had twenty minutes left in his speech when the Capitol barricades were breached. “So, if the Capitol barricades were breached when President Trump still has 20 minutes left in his speech, how did President Trump incite this riot at the Capitol?” she asked, adding, “I’m gonna argue he did not.”

Rep. Gaetz claims the scaffolding erected in front of the Capitol was set up in advance for the media to be able to stand on for the media to capture the events of the day. “And an individual, we’ll call him scaffolding commander, is at the top of the structure with a bullhorn giving orders to people to move forward in this authoritative way.  And so, as we’re standing here today and kind of thinking through the investigation of this moment— you’ve got a flood of people—you’ve got an instigating event—you’ve got fences coming down—and then you’ve got a guy telling people where they have to move.

And the common thread between the instigator, the fence cutter, and the commander is that none of them have been questioned by the FBI, or the DOJ, or the January 6 Commission.



The Jan 6 hit squad committee has no interest in pursuing the truth about what happened. Their goal is to permanantly damage President Trump and put an end to his America First movement by proving his supporters (over half of America) are domestic terrorists. It’s up to Americans to decide if their willing to accept that label or if they will speak up and defend their support for a man many believe had the election stolen from him in 2020.

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