US Swimmer Lilly King gave a Russian swimmer a lesson in swimming clean when she raced and beat the swimmer who wagged her finger at her the night before. The interview after the finger wagging was great! Lilly basically said the Russian swimmer’s record of not passing the drug test was “not cool”. Soooo…Lilly went out today and kicked some Russian booty…

Lilly King made her point.

The American beat Yulia Efimova in the 100-meter breaststroke — and set an Olympic record, too — a night after she called out the Russian for bragging after failing a drug test.

Efimova was .57 seconds behind King, who finished in 1 minute, 4.93 seconds. American Katie Meili won bronze[…]

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King’s victory made a statement, too. Asked if she thought the win made a statement to Efimova, King said: “I hope I did, that we can still compete clean. … That’s how it should be.”

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