USA Boxing has adopted a ‘transgender policy’ going into 2024 that will allow biological men to compete against women under certain conditions.

According to a rulebook released Friday, some of the conditions include keeping their testosterone below a certain threshold and complete gender reassignment surgery.

Nevertheless, critics blasted the governing body for allowing biological men to enter the ring with female competitors.

“The new rule states that once the individual is over the age of 18, they will be able to compete in the division of their choice. They will then be required to declare their their “gender identity,” hormone testing and chop off their privates. In a statement, USA Boxing said the new rules were to ‘provide fairness,'” Collin Rugg writes.

“Let’s call this what it is. They’re going to allow men to beat women up in a boxing ring. This is pathetic and disgusting,” Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) said.


Daily Mail reports:

They must meet certain criteria, including declaring their new gender identity, completing gender reassignment surgery and regular hormone testing.

Both male and female transgender athletes must have undergone quarterly hormone testing and provided US Boxing with documentation of their hormone levels for a minimum of four years following surgery.

Boxers who have transitioned from male to female must demonstrate that their total testosterone level in serum has been below 5 nmol/L for at least 48 months prior to her first competition.

Their total testosterone level in serum must remain below 5 nmol/L throughout the period of desired eligibility to compete in the female category.

Meanwhile, a male boxer must show that his total testosterone level in serum has been above 1O nmol/L for at least 48 months prior to his first competition and maintain it above that level through the period of eligibility.

Female boxing star Ebanie Bridges slammed the policy and called it ‘wrong on so many levels.’

The Washington Times added:

Only a small percentage of male-to-female transgender people undergo what’s euphemistically called bottom surgery, meaning that USA Boxing’s revised eligibility criteria are likely to exclude the vast majority of such athletes from the women’s ring.

“The purpose of this policy is to provide fairness and safety for all boxers,” USA Boxing said in a statement.

Even so, advocates for single-sex girls’ and women’s sports decried rules letting male-born boxers compete against women under any conditions, saying it places female fighters at risk of serious physical harm.

“USA Boxing to allow men to punch women on camera, under lights, with fans cheering,” Macy Petty, Concerned Women for America spokeswoman, wrote on X.

Conservative commentator Dana Loesch wrote: “They’re going to encourage men cosplaying as females to beat women to death in the ring. No more @USABoxing in my house.”

USA Boxing said it developed its framework after the International Olympic Committee ruled in November 2021 that the world governing bodies of each sport would determine their own transgender policies.

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