The national newspaper USA Today has become nothing more than a propaganda rag for the left. Day after day there is biased reporting coming from the newspaper published in hard copy and online. A national newspaper is great if it’s fair and represents both sides of the political spectrum but USA Today is going the way of ESPN where the radical thoughts of employees or guest columnists are promoted.

The latest effort at pushing radical thought on Americans comes from a sports columnist who thinks that because of the “great divide” in America, we should stop playing the national anthem at sports events. Liberal logic…

The tradition of singing the anthem has been done for decades. The last thing America needs is less patriotism!

This is just more liberal hate for America and Trump. What nation doesn’t sing their national anthem before a sporting event?

The tradition began during the 1918 World Series. During the seventh-inning stretch of the first game between the Boston Red Sox and the Chicago Cubs, the band began to play The Star-Spangled Banner.  It was not the official national anthem at that time, but was made official in 1931. By the end of WWII, the NFL Commissioner made the anthem mandatory at all NFL games. The tradition caught on and continues to this day.

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Breitbart News reports:
Nancy Armour, a sports columnist for the national newspaper USA Today, has suggested that sports leagues should put an end to playing the national anthem because it is a “lazy excuse” for false patriotism.

In her March 14 editorial, Armour insists that since the anthem is not played at the start of a movie or a stage play, then it should not be played at a baseball or football game.

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Here’s Armour’s tweet on the article she wrote in case you’d like to comment directly on her twitter account:

Standing for the anthem, Armour exclaims, does not really demonstrate love for the country or the flag or show gratitude for those who serve in the armed forces.

Armour also insists that we should get rid of the anthem because the country has a “great divide” that the anthem cannot bridge, and it is “lazy.”

“Playing the anthem before our football, baseball, basketball, hockey and soccer games has become a lazy excuse for patriotism. Standing at attention – or a loose approximation of it – for 2 minutes no more proves love of country or gratitude for those who serve than wearing an American flag pin does.”

The anthem is also a “faux display of national pride,” she says.

Comments to Armour on Twitter were overwhelmingly against what she proposes. Getting rid of a long-held patriotic tradition could be more misguided at this time in history. We need MORE patriotic traditions, NOT less!

President Trump is trying to start a new tradition to have a July 4th parade this year in D.C. Let’s make this new American tradition stick!

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