USA Today is a propaganda rag just like CNN is fake news. USA Today feeds to different local news outlets so the influence that USA Today has on the nation’s readers is huge. It’s troubling enough to have CNN piped into airports across the nation. Still, it’s also concerning to have a newspaper available across the nation that appears unbiased on the surface but is continuously pushing a leftist agenda.

The latest effort from USA Today to try and persuade Americans to believe Trump supporters are ‘Nazis’ was shot down by alert Americans on social media. The effort from the left to demonize anyone who supports President Trump is dangerous and has been going on since the beginning of the president’s campaign. Because of this hatred, Trump supporters have been assaulted physically and verbally for years.

USA Today tried to push the notion that the Trump campaign was using a Nazi symbol on their t-shirt, but example, after example, on social media, shot down their claim. Yes, it’s true that the Nazis used the ‘imperial eagle,’ but there are numerous examples of it being used as an American symbol.

USA Today clarified later, but was it too late? The message was out there.

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Ironically, Nancy Pelosi wears a broach with the imperial eagle on it, and the symbol is on her website:

An American symbol pointed out by NANCY on Twitter:

USA Today used the article as a Fact Check of comments from leftists claiming the eagle is a Nazi symbol.

This is complete propaganda and should be called out. The symbols of the imperial eagle used in the military and the US government are numerous.

Perhaps, USA Today could do some homework before they publish propaganda.

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