Anyone who has been to a restaurant lately knows there is little point to wearing a mask. Typically, the patron walks in with a mask on and then removes it immediately upon being seated. There is no common sense involved in the demand by restaurant owners.

One brave Utah restaurant owner is pushing back on the mask mandate by local officials.

The Salt Lake Tribune reports that state and local health officials have put in place a mask mandate forcing customers to wear a mask in restaurants.

The owners of the Yaks Cafe decided to ban their customers from wearing masks and gloves.

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They claim that customers who come in the restaurant wearing masks and then take them off to eat risk leaving behind more pathogens on tables.

“In efforts to keep our restaurant clean and sanitary, we do not allow masks or gloves worn inside our building.”

A t-shirt to purchase on the restaurant’s Facebook page reads “It’s a Yaks Cafe thing” on the front and “No Mask” on the back.

A sign outside the Yak Cafe also reads:  “No masks! No! No Gloves! No! Are allowed inside the cafe! We do not provide them either.”

San Juan County, Utah Public Health Department is “still in discussions with the county attorney about what we feel would be the best course of action.”

Stay tuned for more on this battle.


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