MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski sat down with Valerie Jarrett, Barack Obama’s former Senior Advisor puppet-master to discuss her feelings about President Trump’s win and about the plans of her former boss Barack Obama. Valerie Jarrett’s isn’t your typical former senior advisor to a United States President. Senior advisors don’t typically move in with the former president and his wife. But then again, nothing about the Obama presidency was typical…

In a harsh reminder of just how differently reporters treated the Obama Administration compared to the current administration. Mika couldn’t contain her excitement at getting to talk to Jarrett even begging the former advisor repeatedly to get herself, Michelle or Barack involved in politics again, to “save the party.”

She began the sympathetic interview by empathizing how “rough” election night was for Democrats. She cooed to Jarrett, There were some rough — I mean, election night, what was that like for you?

After Jarrett answered that it was “gut-wrenching” but work still had to be done so they needed to move on, the MSNBC host harped on the election night “devastation” again:

 I still, though, wonder like, is there any flash in time, election night or in the days after, God, I saw some brutal pictures of some really devastated faces, could you ever have imagined and was there a moment when you realized the next president is going to be the man who rose to power on the birther movement, of all things?

Though there’s no denying Trump did help spread birther conspiracies prior to his campaign, so did Hillary Clinton. Her campaign was actually the first to raise these conspiracy theories during the 2008 election when she was running against then Senator Obama.

Mika then asked Jarrett what she wish she’d known before her first days in the White House. Jarrett responded with a scathing rebuke of “partisan” Republicans who had obstructed Obama from “day one” and were “terrified” at giving the “power back” to the “hands of the American people.” –Newsbusters

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The best part of the interview comes near the end when Mika implores Jarrett to ask Barack Obama to come back: “Could he come back…and save the party? Tell them what to do?” Laughter…

What dingbat leftist Mika clearly doesn’t understand is that community organizer Barack Obama is still running the party from DC and doesn’t have any plans to go away…

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“You know, elections have consequences,” Jarrett told Mika. “It’s part of why President Obama worked so hard during the campaign. And so when people show you who they are you can’t be surprised when they actually then continue to fulfill what they said they were going to do.”

Here is the entire video:

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