A truck with a Trump bumpersticker and American flags was torched in a school parking lot in Orange County, California last week.

The suspect was taken into custody after the act of arson that his mother said was done out of frustration. His mother?

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The guy who torched the truck is 29-years-old but all his mom had to say is that he’s an Eagle Scout, according to local CBS 2.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department tweeted out about the arson:

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Today at approx 11:45 am, deputies and the Orange County Sheriff’s Department were dispatched to El Toro High School in Lake Forest regarding a fire in the bed of a truck in the parking lot. When deputies & OCFA arrived, witnesses told them a man stopped near a student’s car and set fire.

Two American flags that were displayed in the truck bed. The suspect then left the scene, and a license plate number was captured on the school’s surveillance video. A deputy in the area observed the car and conducted a stop. The suspect admitted to the arson.

And was taken into custody. The suspect, Benjamin Bauch, 29 years old from Mission Viejo, will be booked into Orange County Jail on two felony counts and one misdemeanor count of arson. No one was injured and the investigation is ongoing.

Just last weekend, a group of Trump volunteers were nearly run over by a deranged man:

On Saturday, a van driven by Gregory William Loel Timm rammed into a Republican Party tent set up with volunteers registering voters. After Timm rammed the tent, he flipped off shocked bystanders and even took a video of the aftermath before driving away.

Jacksonville, Florida police have now arrested the 27-year-old man and charged him with two counts of aggravated assault on a person over 65 years old, criminal mischief and driving without a license.

Timm was identified as the person behind the wheel of the van that rammed the tent that had been set up in the parking lot of a Walmart. One volunteer who was working at the tent said, “It happened so quickly. I just barely got out of the way.”


President Trump tweeted out about the incident:


Even though there were no injuries, the driver drove very close to the volunteers and destroyed the tent.

Photos from the Duval County GOP below:


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