Remember when Vanity Fair was a publication Americans respected?

Those days are over.

Vanity Fair repeatedly publishes articles by angry, far-left activists posing as writers that are so ridiculous and factually inaccurate, it’s hard to believe they’re not being written for satire site, Babylon Bee.

In an environment where paid third party “fact-checkers” are falling all over themselves to discredit conservative news sites like ours, it’s interesting that a headline like the one written for the January 23, 2020 article written by Bess Levin accusing the President of the United States of America of intentionally plotting to poison 60% of America’s waterways is not even on their radar.

Before joining Vanity Fair’s “business” publication, “Hive” Bess Levin was the editor of Wall Street gossip site Apparently, when you’ve been writing gossip for 10 years, it’s a hard habit to break.

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Levin begins her article by accusing President Trump of “trying to extort another country for personal gain, threatening to commit war crimes, and making the case that bribery should be legal.” But that’s not all, Levin also without any facts to back up her claims tells her readers that “destroying the planet and prioritizing corporate profits over human health,” are issues near and dear to President Trump’s heart.

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Here’s a portion of the article written by the unhinged, and utterly ridiculous Bess Levin:

Trump Finalizes Plan to Poison 60% of Nation’s Waterways

Golf developers, among others, had been pushing for the move.

For whatever reason, Vanity Fair has chosen to use an image of President Trump (see below) pretending to hold a gun with their story that alleges Trump’s diabolical plan to kill Americans by poisoning their waterways.

This image may contain Human Crowd Person Flag Symbol and Audience

Donald Trump has been pretty busy the last few months arguing that there’s nothing wrong with trying to extort another country for personal gain, threatening to commit war crimes, and making the case that bribery should be legal.

But like a busy father who always makes time to read his children a story before bed, he’s not forgotten other causes near and dear to his heart, namely, destroying the planet and prioritizing corporate profits over human health. Earlier this month he announced a plan to gut the National Environmental Policy Act, which requires federal agencies to assess the impact of major projects on the environment, and on Thursday, he trained his fire on those pesky laws designed to keep the nation’s water clean, which have been really cramping his golfing buddies’ style.

Per the New York Times:

The Trump administration on Thursday finalized a rule to strip away environmental protections for streams, wetlands, and groundwater, handing a victory to farmers, fossil fuel producers, and real estate developers who said Obama-era rules had shackled them with onerous and unnecessary burdens.

From day one of his administration, President Trump vowed to repeal President Barack Obama’s “Waters of the United States” regulation, which had frustrated rural landowners. His new rule, which will be implemented in about 60 days, is the latest step in the Trump administration’s push to repeal or weaken nearly 100 environmental rules and laws, loosening or eliminating rules on climate change, clean air, chemical pollution, coal mining, oil drilling, and endangered species protections.

Although Mr. Trump frequently speaks of his desire for the United States to have “crystal-clean water,” he has called his predecessor’s signature clean-water regulation “horrible,” “destructive,” and “one of the worst examples of federal” overreach.… “That was a rule that basically took your property away from you,” [said] Mr. Trump, whose real estate holdings include more than a dozen golf courses. (Golf course developers were among the key opponents of the Obama rule and key backers of the new one.)

When Levin isn’t writing articles that would embarrass actual journalists, she can be found on Twitter, trashing conservative women tied to President Trump.

In her most recent tweet, Levin pulls an Adam Schiff and completely makes up a scenario surrounding a quote made by Ivanka Trump, in an attempt to demean and minimalize the President’s daughter, a woman who is touted by many for her long list of accomplishments.

“That’ll show em,” Ivanka smirked, smoothing back her bob and pasting the text she’d found by googling “smart quotes about impeachment” into Twitter

In this tweet, “feminist” Bess Levin mocks the age difference between Donald Trump Jr., and his longtime girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle. The intolerant liberal, who would like everyone to believe she’s an advocate for women, refers to Guilfoyle as Trump Jr.’s “mother-girlfriend.”

Apparently mocking women for their age is perfectly okay if you’re a liberal hack who works for Vanity Fair.

And finally, this tweet, where Levin suggests that First Lady Melania Trump, President Trump, and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un are arranging a threesome.

Bess Levin needs to seek immediate mental health counseling and the editor at Vanity Fair who thought this headline was a good idea, should be immediately fired.

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