Immediately following the election, a few leftist designers announced they wouldn’t work with Melania Trump. Their decision to not offer their fashion creations to Melania hasn’t seemed to have had much of an effect on her. Melania has brought elegance, class and most of all, style back to the White House that we haven’t seen since the Jackie Kennedy era.

Apparently, Vanity Fair missed the excitement and enthusiasm so many women (and men) seem to have for seeing photos of the always meticulously dressed First Lady Melania Trump, because somehow, her name was kept off their “Best Dressed Women of 2017” list, but several names that appeared on their list have many Americans scratching their heads in disbelief.

Melania made her first major fashion statement on the day her husband was inaugurated as our 45th President, where she was seen wearing a stunning two-piece, robin’s egg blue, Ralph Lauren suit.

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Later in the evening, Melania stunned again in a sleek white, off-the-shoulder column dress with a modest slit revealing her toned legs, as she and President Trump danced to Frank Sinatra’s “My Way.”

There have been countless photos of Melania carrying herself with grace, class, and elegance as truly one of the most well-dressed First Lady’s in history.

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Melania stunned the world in her luxurious black pants suit on her first overseas trip to Saudi Arabia with President Trump:

Again, Melania pulled off another amazing pants suit on her trip to Saudi Arabia, that even made some of us forget about the damage Hillary Clinton had done to the image of pants suits on women.

(AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

But Vanity Fair’s list apparently is less a list of “well dressed” individuals and couples, and more a list of individuals who lean left. Here are a few of the people who did make Vanity Fair’s list:

Here are a few of the people who did make Vanity Fair’s “Best Dressed Women” list:

Beyonce’s sister, (Yes, the same sister who was caught on camera beating and kicking Jay Z in an elevator.) Solange Knowles made the list.  Because why?

We don’t need to go into the whole love-fest between Solange’s much more famous sister Beyonce and the Obama’s, do we?

And the entertainer Rhianna, who usually looks like she just walked out a freak show, and calls women up to the stage while she’s performing to grind on them in front of a packed house, was also named as one of Vanity Fair’s “Best Dressed”. Did we mention that she was a huge Obama supporter? When she visited the White House, she told her fans that the best part of the visit was that Obama was “black”. She probably just forgot that he is also white. Anyhow, it’s probably pretty clear why Vanity Fair chose her.

Vanity Fair even had a “Best Dressed Couples” category, and to the surprise of no one, the Obama’s and the Macron’s made the list that should have been renamed the “High Profile People On The Left Who Wear Clothes”. Of course, Michelle and Barack made the list. Even funnier, is the fact that Vanity Fair chose this photo to highlight Michelle’s great taste in clothing.

And then there’s the leftist first couple of France, the Macron’s. We must concede, that Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron are the only leftists on this list that we believe actually have any business being on a “Best Dressed” list. Like Melania Trump, France’s first lady never disappoints when it comes to fashion.


Vanity Fair did however mention Melania and her fashion sense in arecent article, but it was anything but flattering, as they attempted to accuse her of copying (of all people) Michelle Obama, as a way to make her more appealing to Americans. LOL!

From the Vanity Fair article:

Melania Trump appears to be taking a page out of the Michelle Obama book of fashion. The usually designer-clad Trump flew from Camp David to D.C. over the weekend wearing a surprisingly affordable $75 pink gingham shirt from J.Crew along with a pair of matching J Brand pink pants and Manolo Blahnik flats. According to Yahoo Style Canada, the button-up top is a discontinued piece from the brand’s 2012 collection. Perhaps she’s been waiting to save the economical top for just the right moment in her First Lady reign.

The mall brand is a major departure from the First Lady’s typical designer wardrobe, which is occasionally criticized for being over the top and out of touch. Trump’s predecessor Michelle Obama was often lauded for wearing J.Crew during her time in the White House, coming across as a more relatable and accessible First Lady than many in the past. It seems entirely possible that Trump is ripping out a page from the Obama handbook in order to drum up some much-needed goodwill from the public.


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