More proof that the Las Vegas shooter planned out attacks over a long period of time just came out and it’s frightening:

NBC reported:

The gunman who massacred dozens in Las Vegas researched possible attack locations in Boston and Chicago, said multiple senior law enforcement officials briefed on the investigation.

Stephen Paddock’s potential targets included the most recent Lollapalooza festival in Chicago, which was held Aug. 3 to Aug. 6 in Grant Park, the officials said. Paddock, 64, went as far as booking a room in a Chicago hotel but did not show up (SEE BELOW), the officials said. Among the thousands of people who attended the festival was Malia Obama, daughter of former President Barack Obama.

He also researched hotels around Boston’s Fenway Park, a senior law enforcement official with direct knowledge of the matter.

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Stephen Paddock had his sights set on Lollapalooza in Chicago and even booked 2 rooms in a hotel that overlooked the massive outdoor venue. The Blackstone Hotel and other hotels just off of Michigan Avenue overlook the huge space similar to the space in Las Vegas that the shooter chose to attack. It’s a similar type of set-up that frightens people of all walks of life who attend this four day outdoor musical festival.

On a personal note, I escorted my daughter and friends to Lollapalooza and know Chicago well. The crowd is mostly young people in their teens and early twenties. Do you think it might be a good idea to check luggage upon arrival or is their just no way to check everyone?

TMZ reported:

Check out this pic of a computer screen at the Blackstone Hotel in Chicago, located across the street from the venue, Grant Park, where 400,000 people — including Malia Obama — squeezed in over 4 days to watch big musical acts.

Paddock booked one room for August 1, 2017, 2 days before the August 3 kickoff. Paddock then booked a second room for an August 3 arrival. Both rooms had an August 6 checkout … that’s when Lollapalooza ended.
The hotel directly overlooked the main stage as well as several adjoining stages. It also overlooks the main entrance and exit where thousands of people file through. And the hotel had a bird’s-eye view of the crowd.


We’re told Paddock specifically requested both rooms be a “view room” which only face Grant Park, where the concert was being held. And here’s the scariest part … it’s difficult if not impossible to flee because of Lake Michigan.

Our sources say Paddock never showed.

If his plan was to wreak havoc on Lollapalooza the way he did 2 months later in Vegas, it shows the murderous plot was long-standing.

Authorities believe Paddock booked a room a week before the attack overlooking the Life is Beautiful concert in Vegas. This could have been a possible target.

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