AP published an article today that attempts to discredit the very popular Fox News cable network over their coverage of the Seth Rich murder. Instead of questioning Fox News’ coverage of the Seth Rich murder case, perhaps Americans should be questioning why the AP is NOT covering the suspicious case of the Seth Rich murder.

An excerpt from the ridiculous AP story including the photo-shopped photo they used to discredit FOX can be found below. How professional is this photo? David Bauder, the writer for this AP hit piece on Fox News actually said that he hopes for the sake of their more liberal hosts like Shepard Smith, that the story isn’t true, yet the AP publishes a huge picture of Fox News with an electronic banner that appears to be on the front of the Fox News studio: “the fake news media and Trump (illegible)…”. We’re pretty sure you don’t post an inflammatory photo-shopped picture (like the one below) if you’re not trying to discredit Fox News.

NEW YORK (AP) — Things had started settling down following a tumultuous year at Fox News Channel before it was hit with a cover headline in the New York Daily News, “Fake News Channel,” and questions about the independence of its journalists on Wednesday.

A defamation lawsuit filed this week accuses the network of making up quotes and pushing a false story that benefits President Donald Trump, even inviting the chief executive into the editorial process.

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In essence, Fox is accused of creating fake news to debunk a story Trump has complained is fake news.

“The charge is a very serious one, if substantiated,” said Kathleen Hall Jamieson, communications professor and director of the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania. “It speaks to the credibility of Fox as a news organization.”

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In a year, Fox has been hit by the forced departures of its late chairman, Roger Ailes, and most popular personality, Bill O’Reilly, following harassment charges. Ailes’ successor, Bill Shine, resigned, prime-time hosts Megyn Kelly and Greta Van Susteren left and there have been several sexual harassment and race discrimination lawsuits.

Yet the network’s conservative audience has remained mostly loyal. While not as dominant as it was before MSNBC’s resurgence in the past few months, Fox ranked as the most popular prime-time network on cable television in July for the fifth time in the past seven months, the Nielsen company said.

Fox hosts like Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson and the team on Trump’s favorite morning show “Fox & Friends” make no secret of their opinions, and those shows have strongly backed Trump in his first six months. Fox, though, is different from some politically oriented news organizations in maintaining a staff of respected journalists who try to play it straight — people like Shepard Smith, Chris Wallace, Bret Baier and John Roberts.

We hate to tell you AP, but about 99% of Fox News viewers wish Shepard Smith would go away…

That’s the side of Fox that would be most damaged if the allegations are proven true, since they involved the reporting of an investigative news story on the network’s web site, not material from its opinion programs.

“Any news organization that has any aspirations of being bona fide expects the public to take what they are saying seriously, not that they are being fed something that is being made up,” said Paul Levinson, chairman of Fordham University’s communications department.

“I’m no fan of Fox, but I’m hoping this turns out not to be the case.”

The private detective who filed the lawsuit, Rod Wheeler, said he was paid to investigate the death of DNC staffer Seth Rich by a wealthy GOP donor anxious to establish a link between Rich and the leak of emails damaging to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. The idea was if that could be done, it would end stories about Trump’s possible collusion with Russians.

Really AP? Do you have proof of your allegations that the Seth Rich story was manufactured to “end stories about Trump’s possible collusion with Russians? So far, there hasn’t been one iota of truth that substantiates the leftist media’s fabricated Trump-Russia collusion story, but there seems to be an awful lot of evidence pointing to the fact that the former DNC staffer Seth Rich’s murder was not about a robbery. 

On June 30, 2017 Breitbart News caught the AP publishing a totally manufactured story about a meeting between Trump’s EPA administrator and Dow Chemical’s CEO that never happened :

Breitbart- June 30, 2017: The Associated Press is at it again, pushing more fake news. Sadly, the once-great news wire service is trying to cover up its mistake—nearly the exact mistake that cost three editorial staffers at CNN their jobs in a scandal that first exploded a week ago today.

A Breitbart News investigation has led to the correction by the Associated Press–which originally resisted–of the fake news it printed as deeper questions of responsibility, accountability, and journalistic ethics consume the AP heading into Fourth of July weekend.

This time, the Associated Press invented an imaginary meeting between EPA administrator Scott Pruitt and Dow Chemical CEO Andrew Liveris, and then alleged that some kind of impropriety happened as a result.

This is exactly the same mistake CNN made a week ago, when it alleged that Anthony Scaramucci—the founder of SkyBridge Capital and an associate and ally of President Donald Trump—held “meetings” with Russian investment fund leaders and was under investigation by the Senate Intelligence Committee and Treasury Department as a result.

A Breitbart News investigation uncovered that no such “meetings” took place, the Senate Intelligence Committee was not investigating the matter, and the Treasury Department had already—at the urging of Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) to now Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin before Trump’s inauguration—looked into it and determined the matter to be entirely “without merit.”

The very fake news scandal that is consuming CNN right now is the biggest scandal in the network’s history, and comes as media D.C.-wide find themselves under intense scrutiny amid a litany of industry mistakes.

Breitbart News’s investigation into CNN’s very fake news piece forced the network to retract it and has led to the resignation of three top officials from inside CNN. Now that the Associated Press has made literally the exact same mistake with different actors and players—alleging a meeting took place that never occurred, something that supposedly led to something untoward that also didn’t happen—the news wire service is not stepping up and holding its staff to the same level of accountability. The only difference between the CNN scandal and this AP scandal is that the AP did not also inaccurately allege the existence of non-existent Senate and Treasury investigations.

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