Say her name… “Ella French” you cowards!

Vernon Jones is a recovered Democrat from GA who served a total of 12 years in the Georgia House of Representatives before turning from the dark side. The man is anything but shy or fearful when it comes to speaking his mind, and he says things others only wish they had the courage to say.

Yesterday we reported on the arrest of two brothers who are being charged for the brutal murder of 29-year-old police officer Ella French, who was gunned down during a routine traffic stop on Chicago’s southside Saturday night.

Mr. Jones is calling out BLM and Antifa for their deafening silence after the murder of the young female officer. Where are all the in-your-face demands of “say her name” on behalf of officer French? We heard the chant ad nauseam from leftist social justice warriors for a year after Breonna Taylor lost her life to a stray bullet during a confrontation started by her boyfriend with police.

Vernon Jones is calling out the cowards: “Say her name dammit!”

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The call to “say her name” is gaining traction:

In typical fashion, crime enabler Mayor Lori Lightfoot is denigrating inanimate objects; guns, instead of doing anything meaningful to stop the exploding crime in her city.

Ms. Lightfoot, guns don’t “bring violence”. Violent people use them to kill and maim, while law-abiding citizens use them in defense against being killed or maimed by violent people. Why is this so hard for you?

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