CNN is finally seeing the serious repercussions of reporting #VeryFakeNews, while Fox News remains number one in ratings.

CNN’s ratings are plummeting, according to a Thursday cable TV rankings report by TV Newser.

CNN fell to 10th in average total day viewership among all basic cable networks in the week of June 26 to July 2, far behind first-place Fox News and third-place MSNBC.

An average of 639,000 viewers tuned in to CNN per day during the measurement period, less than half of the average 1,390,000 viewers who tuned in to Fox News per day during the same period.

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CNN’s ratings slump is a remarkable drop from just a month ago, when CNN sat in fifth place among all basic cable networks the week of May 29 to June 4.

CNN lost an average of 159,000 viewers per day from the week of May 29 to the week of June 26.

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Fox News and CNN continue to climb in ratings as CNN tumbles.

Fox remained number one in all of basic cable, gaining an average of 7,000 viewers per day from the week of May 29 to the week of June 26.

The Thursday ratings report is a slap in the face to CNN, which claimed on June 27 its “most-watched second quarter in history.”

CNN’s rating slump occurred in the same week three CNN staffers resigned following a damaging retraction of a story that falsely linked a Trump transition official to the chief executive of a $10 billion Russian investment fund.

The network was also hit with a number of undercover videos published by undercover journalist James O’Keefe, one of which revealed a CNN health producer dismissing the Trump-Russia collusion narrative and another that revealed CNN contributor Van Jones labeling the Russia story a “nothing burger.”

Unfortunately for CNN, the ratings report released Thursday does not take into account the latest controversy to hit the network, indicating that its ratings could possibly plummet even further in the coming weeks.

CNN came under fire Tuesday for apparently threatening to expose the identity of a private citizen who initially claimed credit for creating a GIF President Trump tweeted showing Trump tackling CNN.

#CNNBlackmail trended worldwide Tuesday after the network made public its decision to mask the identity of the private citizen on the condition that the man no longer engages in what CNN considers to be “ugly behavior.”

Trump has continued to hammer CNN for being the standard-bearer of what he considers “fake news.” –Western Journalism



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