It’s funny, information just came out today about how illegals cost American taxpayers so much over many years once they settle into smalltown USA. We just happened to find the personal and tragic story below of how illegals can cost you in more ways than you think:

Veteran Charles Keel has a personal story to tell about how illegal aliens cost us financially and could cost us everything: 

In all the years I’ve lived in Batesville, I never considered the “real” cost of illegal immigrants here in our town. I’ve contributed enough at our local Mexican restaurants to finance a small factory but not really much thought past that. Monday afternoon and since my life and my viewpoint has changed dramatically.

Maranda and I were involved in a traffic accident with a lady from Mexico who has been here 13 years but doesn’t speak English, have a drivers license, or any insurance. She crossed our lane with no warning and we T-boned her broadside at 35 mph without time to even touch the brakes. We were both banged up but nothing broken or bleeding and so sore we can barely get around the next few days.

Since no insurance, guess who has to pay any medical costs if we need to be seen by a doctor.

What about our car?

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She was cited but let go and her legal status never questioned or proven. I feel they would have hauled my tail to jail if I hadn’t had insurance and I’m a retired Navy veteran.

Turns out the women works at El Mariachi restaurant in Oxford even though she doesn’t have an SSN so she doesn’t pay taxes either. I can attest personally how hard the IRS goes after me for everything they can dream up on my taxes.

It stinks that illegals get so much that veterans can’t. It does happen even here in small town America and Batesville MS.

Remember the ones who hire them are co-conspirators in avoiding our laws and values. I’ll never go to another El Mariachi restaurant, bet on that.

People need to be held accountable not just let go with no consequences.

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