Ricky Taylor aka ‘Deplorable Vet’ has a great idea for Maxine Waters…He’s offered to take her empty seat at President Trump’s State of the Union Speech! Waters and Rep. John Lewis plan on boycotting the president’s speech so it has been suggested that fist responders and military veterans take those empty seats. We say YES!

Taylor tweeted out:


Fox News reports:

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On “Fox & Friends,” Taylor said he uses the Twitter handle “Deplorable Vet” because he’s a proud Trump supporter. After Hillary Clinton’s infamous “basket of deplorables” remark, he embraced the term.

“You can call us what you want, but we’re still going to support our president,” Taylor said.

He said he takes issue with how Waters tries to speak for all black people and minorities.

“There’s so many Trump supporters out there that are minorities,” Taylor said. “She doesn’t speak for everybody, she surely doesn’t speak for me.”

As for his offer to take Waters’ SOTU seats, Taylor said he hasn’t heard anything from her office.

“She does this for a publicity stunt. She does it to kind of pander to her audience,” Taylor said. “And I just thought it was extremely disrespectful for her to say that about the president.”


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