“Hillary Clinton’s reckless and illegal behavior cost veterans their lives”

What a great idea! A summer bus tour exposing Hillary Clinton is just what the doctor ordered!

Veterans for a Strong America is embarking on a national summer bus tour to expose Hillary Clinton’s record on foreign policy.

Blasting the former secretary of state for “some of the most shocking behavior ever exhibited by a leading national political figure,” the group is launching the coast to coast, 10 day bus tour gathering comments from Americans that will be delivered to the FBI in an effort to hold Clinton accountable for her actions.

The event, marked with rallies and townhalls across major U.S. cities, is named “The Difference it Makes” bus tour, referring to Clinton’s infamous remark during Benghazi hearings, “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

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“Hillary Clinton’s reckless and illegal behavior cost veterans their lives,” the group said on its website. “Her ‘home brew’ email server compromised national security and put veterans and all Americans in harm’s way. Now, veterans and friends of America’s military are going to do our best to make sure she is held accountable for her disgraceful behavior.”

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