It’s getting scary out there.

In America, we aren’t used to being told what to do, where we can or can’t go, what we must put in our bodies in order to move about freely.

In fact, most western civilizations have the same expectations that we do; that people have bodily autonomy and no government official should be able to dictate our movements based on our vaccination history.

That’s all changed in the last 18- months, and because people didn’t stop it when it started, the power-hungry beasts known as governments have grown in size and strength and are beginning to appear unstoppable.

In London, cops use attack dogs against a gathering of protestors angry over the use of vaccine passports:


It isn’t any better in Berlin where police created a blockade to keep demonstrators out of the capital government district. The protesters gathered to contest their government’s Coronavirus restrictions, including mask and vaccine mandates.

Police and protestors clashed, and officers doused demonstrators with pepper spray when they pushed through the barrier. Reportedly 80-100 people were arrested in the ensuing chaos.

A female officer appears to be ignorant to the fact that officers were using pepper spray to stop free people from protesting against their over-reaching government. Speaking to a reporter she said, “Unfortunately 4 officers were injured so we can’t say that it was a peaceful day of demonstrations in the city.”

Someone should tell her that “peaceful” went out the window when cops decided to soak the crowd with the painful eye-irritant.

Frustration evident in Berlin – thousands of protestors against Coronavirus measures march through the city on Saturday with tense and violent scenes erupting in some locations:


One man carried a sign which when translated to English read: “Do you have to buy basic rights through vaccination?”

Unless things change, and fast, the short and sad answer to his question appears to be “YES”!


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