Tim Scott touched on the backwards divisiveness of Democrat-promoted Critical Race Theory during his rebuttal to Biden’s speech, last night when he said “America is NOT a racist country.”

Critical Race Theory is a Marxist theory designed to criticize everything about The West, starting with rational thought.  And don’t let the word critical fool you; it has nothing to do with critical thinking.  It is solely about naysaying and being critical in order to tear others down.  It has no tolerance for tolerance, context, or rational thought.

Such ‘critical’ theories are designed to be purely critical of everything about the West while not admiring its demonstrably superior outcomes and qualities in comparison to every other kind of governing or social system.

The goal of CRT is to tear down the West and install a new order that is decidedly more authoritarian and tribal.  This will prevent people from uniting against the authoritarian rulers of their proposed future society.

CRT has spread into every public school, media outlet, and university throughout the past decades, but accelerated most under President Obama.  Within roughly just one decade, it is now threatening to collapse The West.  However, people are beginning to fight back in a big way.


In Idaho, a major victory has now been won as public schools are barred from teaching the anti-West CRT ideologies like “race essentialism, collective guilt, and neo-segregation.” These are hallmarks of Critical Race Theory.

This is the result of strong action on the part of parents in their local communities to pressure their leaders.  Other states will need to look to Idaho to build their own coalitions to fight this pernicious anti-Western force.

Keep the momentum going, America.  One state at a time we must adopt similar legislation so America does not fall.

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