A 100% FED Up patriot posted a video on Facebook that has taken off and been shared over 500k times on Twitter. It’s so well-said and brutally honest.

This young guy denounces the “evil ridiculously stupid black people” and their violence. He’s proven right in a video below where the leader of a group that burned the American flag speaks out (see below).

He calls out the left for their effort to ultimately blame the violence THEY created on President Trump while it is the radical left that is dividing everyone and being violent.

“This has nothing to do with George Floyd and everything to do with politics.”

The Twitter user felt compelled to post the Facebook video over to Twitter but is afraid of trouble from Twitter. The interesting thing is the young man in the video below is talking about ‘their’ violence.


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This guy has it all figured out. This has nothing to do with George Floyd.

Listen to the leader of the group who burned the American flag yesterday:

They’re not even hiding their agenda anymore, yet “woke” celebrities and organizations are still pushing BLM communism.

“We need a revolution in order to overthrow this system and bring a whole new communist world into being.”


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