The report below has been updated to reflect that the count of the missing has tragically changed from 50 to 99 and now to 159.

A 12-story building that was built in 1981 has partially collapsed leaving 159 people missing and 4 dead. Rescue crews scrambled to Champlain Towers in Surfside, Florida, where the residential building collapsed.

The graphic below shows that most of the building collapsed and a small section remains:

Surveillance video shows the moment the building collapsed:

Survivors said they heard people screaming beneath the rubble during frantic efforts to free them. Search and rescue with canines is ongoing for approximately 159 people who are missing.

A hotel guest staying next to the Champlain Towers was on the scene immediately after the tower collapsed:

Another hotel guest filmed immediately after the building collapsed:


Please pray for the families and all who were involved in this horrible tragedy.

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