A community center on Broadway in NYC was the scene of Antifa protesters trying to instigate trouble when some of the protesters locked themselves into the center. They believe they have a right to squat in the space simply because it’s empty. This is liberal logic.

NYC police did a fantastic job of rounding up and even tackling the instigators who are the regular trouble makers during protests. The police had formed a barrier around the front of the community center to wait for someone with a chainsaw to open the barricaded door of the center. They had ordered the group to move back, and when they didn’t, the cops moved in to make arrests. Antifa protesters kept taunting police and trying to get something started but had no chance when police moved in to make arrests.

In the second video down, one troublemaker was tackled in a beautiful move by a cop…a perfect tackle! Watch as the others run up to try and attack the police, but the NYPD does a great job of keeping them away.

Police started to make arrests:

An announcement was sent out to get protesters to converge on the community center to help the squatters with the protest. When Elad Eliahu showed up at the scene, police were lined up against the protesters.

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