In a shockingly casual and honest video (below) that was leaked from a Zoom conference, Massachusetts climate ‘czar’ under anti-Trump pro-voter fraud mail-in voting RINO Republican Charlie Baker, David Ismay admitted what climate policy is truly designed to do.

Massachusetts’ David Ismay, Republican Gov. Charlie Baker’s under secretary for climate change, telling Vermont climate advocates that it’s time to “Turn The Screw” on homeowners and motorists to “Break Them.”

America has faced continual gas tax increases for decades under the guise of climate change prevention.  Massachusetts is currently facing another 7 cent raise.  But, climate change has always been a cover for what big-government operatives really want: control.  David Ismay, the ‘climate czar’ of Massachusetts explained:

“60% of our emissions come from you and me…residential heating and passenger vehicles…”

Ismay is openly threatening the ability of citizens to legally heat their own homes or drive their own vehicles.  So, he plans to intentionally regulate taxes so much that they cannot afford to own and heat a home of their own.  They will have to rent some kind of government efficiency dwelling as part of The Great Reset, which openly states that citizens will “own nothing and be happy.”

To meet those ends, he makes it clear that after years of demonizing or destroying businesses, oil companies, and cows as ‘bad guys’ for decades by forcing them to follow progressively tighter totalitarian climate rules, the government has tapped them dry.  So, it is now time to ‘turn the screw’ on vulnerable senior citizens, who are just moveable and disposable chess pieces to him:

“You…the senior on fixed income…There is no bad guy left–at least in Massachusetts–to point the finger at to turn the screws on and, you know, break their will so they stop emitting.  That’s you. We have to break your will.” (Emphasis not added)

America is designed specifically to enshrine the will of the people.  This man–who represents all of the climate movement–does not see America that way.  He is unapologetically and inarguably unamerican.

He sees it as his duty as a government official not to promote and protect your individual freedoms and rights, but to break their will. 

So sociopathic is he that he specifically singles out senior citizens among his targets.  He is so excited to destroy their lives by “breaking their will” that he stumbles over his words and laughs when he speaks.  Then, he feels a bit of cathartic relief at the end of the statement.  He knows he has said something truly evil that he truly believes and intends to do.  He has had to bottle it up inside, publicly, but now the weight is off his shoulders:

“I can’t even say that publicly” he finally admits, with relief and indignation.

If you notice, in the video, nobody on the call appears shocked at all by his statements.  They sit and listen, as though this is a very common belief within their circle of influence.

Does any of this sound like it reflects American values, culture, or rule of law in any way at all?  It breaks the very essence and fundamental social compact of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.  This is the definition of tyranny.  And, government officials like David Ismay (of which there are many) are purely Tyrants.  They want to control every aspect of your life because they always know best, in their twisted minds.  You are just a resource–like cattle, to them to do produce labor until the AI takes over.

Then what use will they have for you?

This is the indisputably the road to Serfdom…or perhaps much worse.


See the video, below:


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