The media went crazy yesterday after a CNN reporter was banned from a Rose Garden ceremony for previously screaming at President Trump during a photo op.


Yes, that was until video and photos resurfaced of Obama tossing an activist and reporters from events…

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What even more ironic is that Obama limited the media like no one else. Remember how people laughed at the comment he had made that this would be the most transparent presidency? It wasn’t at all! In fact many articles at the time discussing the media and Obama described how he shut them out: OBAMA, THE PUPPET MASTER

Obama Shuts Out White House Reporters Yet Again

This reporter was removed “kicking and screaming”…The video is above.

A PROTESTER WAS REMOVED FROM A WHITE HOUSE EVENT FOR YELLING – This was not a reporter but someone yelling at the president:


Barack Obama’s campaign has booted from its airplane three reporters who work for newspapers that have endorsed John McCain.

The campaign says that a limited number of seats forced it to make the tough decision of which journalists would be permitted to follow the Democratic presidential candidate in the last four days of the campaign, but the papers are calling foul, claiming they were targeted for their editorial-page positions and kicked off while nonpolitical publications like Glamour and Jet magazines remained on board.

Eliminated from the plane’s traveling press were the Washington Times, the New York Post and the Dallas Morning News.

And  then there’s this:

2015 Washington Free Beacon’s Adam Kredo ejected from a State Department media briefing in Vienna and senior department officials threatened to call security on him, without him even saying a word.

The twitter stream goes on and on with examples of reporters being tossed from Obama press events…

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