LA Spa WI was the scene of a protest today where concerned Americans protested an incident a few days ago. The incident they were protesting happened in the spa where a person who identifies as a woman walked around naked in front of little girls with genitalia exposed. A woman videotaped the reaction from the spa workers who did nothing about the indecent exposure (see below).

During the protest today, Antifa showed up to attack the protesters. A street preacher was bloodied after being assaulted by a group of thugs from Antifa. The police did nothing to help the innocent people. This scenario has been repeated over and over with no coverage from the media and no effort to stop the assaults. The police are either not around or just stand down and watch Antifa attack.

BRUTAL: Street preacher gets his sign stolen. Precedes to get jumped by Antifa black bloc. Another woman gets involved all while LAPD is observing everything from the corner.

According to Andy Ngo, police weren’t responding to the numerous assaults on people:

The street preacher and others in his group were attacked and bloodied:

A Latino couple was attacked, and anyone who was in the area was assaulted:

The group went after one man and then a videographer:

The incident being protested:

A video of a woman in LA upset by a “transgender man” walking around a spa naked in the “women’s section” has gone viral. The woman in the video lets the Wi spa worker have it because they did nothing to stop a “transgender man” from walking around naked in front of young girls.

The woman is as direct as can be when she refuses to accept that this person is anything but a man. The best part of the video is when a soy boy walks up and tries to make it ok for the man to expose himself because he identifies as a woman. She wasn’t playing that game.

“You’re a man.”

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