A protest in Los Angeles in front of the Wi spa was the scene of clashes between Antifa and the police. The protest has been ongoing since several women complained that men who identify as women were nude in the women’s locker room (see video below). The protest against allowing naked men in the locker room was interrupted by Antifa goons calling the protesters “transphobic” when women have a right not to have naked men in their locker room.

Police didn’t hold back and arrested 38 Antifa. There was no standing down here.

An angry woman upset about the “penis incident” at Wi Spa confronted the Antifa mob, and they threw projectiles at her:

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After the protest became violent, the police hit one Antifa goon with an impact munition. Antifa had assaulted several people before police moved in to arrest them.

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Antifa goon spits on police officer so he takes immediate action:

The drama following the hit:

“I don’t have to be peaceful!”

Antifa harassing people trying to film them:

The Antifa and far-left protesters were reciting a poem by Assata Shakur, a domestic terrorist, convicted murderer & wanted fugitive who fled to Cuba.

A video of a woman in LA upset by a “transgender man” walking around a spa naked in the “women’s section” has gone viral. The woman in the video lets the Wi spa worker have it because they did nothing to stop a “transgender man” from walking around naked in front of young girls.

The woman is as direct as can be when she refuses to accept that this person is anything but a man. The best part of the video is when a soy boy walks up and tries to make it ok for the man to expose himself because he identifies as a woman. She wasn’t playing that game.

“You’re a man.”

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