How many Antifa goofs does it take to light a flag on fire?

Apparently, more than one…

During the DC Free Speech Rally today, Antifa held an opposing rally but then crashed the Free Speech Rally.

Antifa harassed Trump supporters and behaved as anti-American as possible.

That included one failed attempt at burning the American flag:

Antifa and Black Lives Matter held an opposing rally today to the Defend Free Speech Rally being held at Freedom Park in downtown DC.

When Antifa and BLM finished their AllOutDC rally, they tried to bust into the Defend Free Speech Rally, but the DC police were quick to put a stop to it.

Clashes and skirmishes broke out everywhere with Antifa and BLM harassing minority Trump supporters and even the DC police.

They approached the Defend Free Speech Rally trying to intimidate the Trump supporters and free speech advocates.

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They taunted the police officers and vandalized newsstands right in from of the police.

The Antifa group just kept on pushing the envelope until they tried to rush the police barrier…That’s when they got a reality check!

Black Lives Matter is antagonizing DC Police Officers by asking a black officer if the white officer is his “master”:

A black Trump supporter had to be escorted away from the Antifa thugs:

A Trump supporter being protected from Antifa by a DC police officer:

A Demand Free Speech Latina Trump supporter is being blocked by a white leftist:

Asian Trump supporter harassed:

It’s ironic that Antifa is supposedly “antifascist” yet THEY are the fascists!


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