At the Antifa May Day riot in Seattle, some rioters tried to shut down the road outside the police east precinct near the heart of the deadly CHAZ occupation, aka autonomous zone. The rioters became violent when they began throwing flares, bottles, eggs, paint, and a bag filled with an unidentified liquid.

Florida Governor DeSantis was right to protect people like the driver of the car in the video below with a new law directed at rioters and the innocent people they attack. In mid-April, Gov. DeSantis signed the ‘anti-riot bill that grants civil immunity to drivers who hit protesters.

In the video below,  a driver in a white car who tried to drive through the rioters, suddenly hit the gas when one goon jumped on his hood:

May Day weekend was violent in Seattle, where 14 people were arrested. A small child was assaulted during the protest. The Seattle police couldn’t find the assailant who assaulted the child. What kind of person assaults a child?

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May Day violence has become something that is expected every year in cities like Seattle. Tragically, the citizens of the city don’t stand against this violence.

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