Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (AOC) was spotted at Washington, D.C.’s Garfield Park doing what she had shamed others for regarding masks. While AOC wants to limit others’ free choice when it comes to wearing a mask, she went without one at the park. It’s a classic case of the rules that apply to everyone else don’t apply to me.

In the video below, AOC can be seen maskless and rummaging through the park’s trash:

Remember that AOC criticized Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s decision to end state-wide mask mandates:

“Repealing the mask mandate now endangers so many people, especially essential workers & the vulnerable. It endangers the entire country and beyond. We are in a pandemic… It’s dangerous.”

Also, late last year, AOC tweeted criticizing the Republicans and Senator Rand Paul:

“Gee, maybe if the GOP hadn’t spent so much time undermining public faith in science, masks,& COVID itself, I wouldn’t have to weigh the potential misinfo consequences of what wld happen if leaders urged ppl to take a new vaccine that we weren’t taking ourselves!”

“Our job is to make sure the vaccine isn’t politicized the way masks were politicized. If you actually listened to your constituents, you’d hear a LOT about viral claims about repro health. Ppl have [question]s Leaders shld show we won’t ask others to do something we wouldn’t do ourselves.”

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