The anti-lockdown movement is growing all over the world. There were demonstrations in New York City (see below) and in California last weekend.

Different states in the US have different levels of lockdowns. Some of the states have severe lockdown and extreme rules to go along with them. For example, the Pennsylvania Health Sec. Dr. Rachel Levine has issued a one-night suspension of alcohol sales starting at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 25, which is the night before the Thanksgiving holiday. Oregon Governor Kate Brown is urging her state’s residents to call the police to report their neighbors for violating her strict coronavirus lockdown restrictions on Thanksgiving.

People in the US have been arrested for non-compliance to the lockdowns, but the thought police haven’t shown up like they did in Germany recently:

Is this what’s to come for anyone who speaks out against the lockdowns? Germany’s parliament passed a series of amendments to its “law for the protection of the population” where the government can force a citizen to do something for their own protection as in containment of a pandemic like COVID-19.

Dr. Andreas Noack’s home was raided by armed German police for his “anti-lockdown” activity; he was subsequently arrested for his “covid crimes.” It’s also been reported that Dr. Noack assisted anti-lockdown protesters and could have been arrested for his efforts.

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Just last weekend, a group marched in NYC to show opposition to lockdowns:

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The anti-lockdown protests are getting bigger and louder. New York City is the sight today of a large rally to end the lockdowns because the cure can’t be worse than the virus.

New York City is dying with the lockdown of schools and small businesses. Restaurants, bars and small shops that were once thriving are closing because they cannot survive the extended lockdown.

Angry New Yorkers took to the streets today to protest the extended shuttering of the city:

Protesters marched in the street with a “No More Lockdowns” sign:

“Kick Cuomo out!”

“We will not comply!”

The protesters ended up at Washington Square Park where they symbolically burned their masks:


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