Irony comes to the Kentucky Derby when the favorite in the annual horse race is named ‘Tiz the Law’…

Black Lives Matter is planning to disrupt the Kentucky Derby today, but a group of armed men are marching to try and stop the protest. BLM chanting “No justice, no Derby!” is protesting the death of Breonna Taylor by police during a no-knock raid.

The tragic shooting of Taylor happened during a no-knock raid that was a huge mistake by law enforcement. Senator Rand Paul has taken a stand against the no-knock law since the tragic death of Breonna Taylor. Black Lives Matter continues protesting Taylor’s death even though action is being taken to stop the policy of no-knock raids.

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BLM hung a Breonna Taylor  banner overnight in Louisville, KY:

Pro-America militias are chanting “USA!”

Things got heated:

Police officers are currently trying to split the two group up.

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