Students from around the world skipped school on Friday to protest climate change. They also expressed a desire to rid the world of the use of fossil fuels like coal.

Do they really know what they’re doing? No, they don’t. Our children are being brainwashed by educators and the media to be fearful and anxious that the world will end by 2030 if we don’t act to prevent climate change.

Here’s a message for all the kids who walked out of school to protest climate change:

“Virtue-signaling little turds”

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Do the students who skipped school realize all of the things they’ll give up in order to push the climate change hoax?

We doubt it.


When you listen to the teens below, you may realize just how strong the propaganda is that’s being pushed on our children every day in school and in the media.

This is why it’s so important to push back on the fearmongering from the “Climate Cult.”

It should make every American furious that our children are being used as pawns in the effort to push the climate hoax on us.

Watch a teen climate activist ask why she should study since we’re all doomed:

Jamie Margolin, a high school student and co-founder of This Is Zero Hour who has sued her home state of Washington for causing climate change, said at a joint congressional hearing on Wednesday that she suffers from anxiety and young people wonder why they are studying in school when the world is ending.

Climate activist Alyssa Wiseman: “All of our futures are in jeopardy. … We have only 11 years to rectify decades of damage … and only 18 months until some damages are irreversible.”

This is how far teachers and the media have gone in trying to brainwash our children. Frightening!

Depression, anxiety, and fear? This is a horrible thing to do to children!


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