The two authors of the New York Times (see CNN video below) article are taking heat for omitting a key point in a college story about Justice Brett Kavanaugh. The problem is that the authors are saying the newspaper’s editors omitted important information about the latest allegation against Kavanaugh.

The allegation in the New York Times article claims that at a Yale University, someone allegedly pushed Kavanaugh’s penis into a co-ed’s hand.

What the Times omitted is a very important part of the allegation and one that forced the Times to issue a correction:

The Times omitted the fact that co-ed told friends she could not remember the incident happening.

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The two reporters are saying that their original story included the fact that the co-ed couldn’t remember the incident but the Times editors deleted it. The co-author of the story was a classmate and the daughter of a Ms. Magazine editor.

Kate Kelly and Robin Pogrebin, authors of the new book “The Education of Brett Kavanaugh,” walk through the new allegations detailed in the book against Kavanaugh and explain why their article was published in the Opinion section of the New York Times. At the 2:25 point, the women say that the editing was because the NYT didn’t want to reveal the accuser’s name SO THEY OMITTED THE IMPORTANT FACT THAT THE WOMAN CAN’T REMEMBER THE INCIDENT! Does anyone believe this excuse?

Even worse, the source of the outrageous story was a Kavanaugh classmate and former Bill Clinton attorney.

Mollie Hemingway speaks out on the NYT article with Lou Dobbs:

Last night, during the New Mexico rally, President Donald Trump called on everyone involved in the Times article to resign.


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