Barstool’s Dave Portnoy spoke out recently on Dr. Fauci’s assessment of the NFL season coming up in the Fall. Dr. Fauci recently announced that he thinks the football season will be very difficult to pull off.

Portnoy said the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will never cancel the season even though Dr. Fauci has warned it will be very difficult to play.

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He said Goodell would infect his entire family to have the season. A joke from Portnoy, but it emphasizes the lengths Goodell will go to make the season happen.

Portnoy went on to say that ideas like taking temperatures for admittance to the game would create the longest lines in the history of lines.

The Barstool Sports owner said it ultimately should be up to the individual.

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Here’s what Dr. Fauci said about the NFL season:

Recently, Barstool’s Dave Portnoy recently went on a rant about the ridiculous coronavirus lockdown that’s epic.

He says what everyone is thinking right now about the extended lockdowns in some states. Portnoy also asks the question about when did the game change from flattening the curve to waiting until there are no coronavirus cases or there is a vaccine.

Portnoy also mentions business owners who’ve worked their whole lives to build a business, and now they’re watching it die. He says he’d rather die than see Barstool Sports die.

“Let me roll the dice.”

Language alert but worth it:

Janice Dean of Fox News tweeted out the video of Portnoy:

Amen to everything Dave Portnoy said in the video.

This is what Americans need to fight for NOW.

We need to demand our freedom back.

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