Did Bernie Sanders just lose the union vote with his answer on union health benefits? According to union leaders (see below), Sanders will lose the industrial Midwest with his proposal of eliminating union healthcare benefits.

Bernie Sanders was asked during a Q & A in Davenpost, Iowa if the government takeover of health care would eliminate union health benefits.

His answer was a flippant, “Yeah, absolutely”.

According to the Washington Examiner, the candidate that promotes medicare for all will lose the vote in the “industrial Midwest”:

A Democratic nominee who supports replacing private health insurance with a government-run system would lose union voters in battleground states Democrats must win to reverse President Trump’s 2016 victory, according to union officials.

Democrats risk ceding the industrial Midwest to President Trump, labor operatives warned in interviews with the Washington Examiner. Trump victories in Rust Belt states such as Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin demolished what Democrats figured to be a “blue wall” cemented by hard hats who would support the Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton.

Among the leading Democratic contenders, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders propose abolishing private insurance and turning healthcare over to Washington. 

Bernie recently struggled to break the news that ‘Medicare for all’ won’t be free:

Jake Tapper asked Bernie Sanders about whether ‘Medicare for all’ will be free or will the middle class be taxed.

Sanders stuttered a little and then said under his breath that taxes will be necessary: “We’ll have to do that.”

Noooo! Didn’t they tell everyone it would be FREE?

Yes, taxes will go up in order for everyone to have Medicare for all so money doesn’t grow on trees.

While Democrats want the voters to think that they will magically receive free healthcare or college, the reality is that none of these things will be free to Americans. It’s hard to believe that there really are people who believe what Sanders is telling them.

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