A video of Bernie Sanders with just a towel wrapped around his lower body (see below) has raised questions about his ‘very strange honeymoon’ to Russia in 1988.

The Socialist Mayor of Burlington, Vermont had just married and then went on a 10-day visit to the communist country with an entourage of officials and his new bride.

Sanders was recently approached and asked about the trip to the Soviet Union being a ‘honeymoon’. Instead of being receptive to explaining the trip, Sanders was openly irritated and denied it was a ‘honeymoon’.

The left-leaning Washington Post also claims the main purpose for the trip to the U.S.S.R. was to establish Burlington’s “sister city” in the Soviet Union. Why the switcheroo by the Post and by Sanders? What’s the point of lying about something that’s easy to research? Perhaps this is really about the arrogance and contempt left-wingers like Sanders have for others.

During the trip to Russia, Sanders criticized the US on housing and health care. He also slammed the US for how they had intervened in other countries. He claimed Americans were “intellectually lazy,” and that is why they didn’t understand Socialism and Communism.

Dr, Alan Rubin was on the trip with Sanders and described the then-Vermont Mayor’s demeanor:
“He got very curious about life in Russia, and I think it became part of his life. He was interested in the way they organized health-care education, street life, families . . . It opened up a new world for me and, I expect, for him, too.”

Sanders was so excited about his trip to Communist Russia that he planned a trip to Cuba too!

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After his trip to Cuba he had praise for the Communist system there:

“I did not see a hungry child. I did not see any homeless people.” He said that while Cuba was not a “perfect society, the country not only has free health care but very high-quality health care.”

“The revolution there is far deeper and more profound than I understood it to be. It really is a revolution in terms of values.”

If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck…It’s a COMMUNIST!

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