Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders isn’t known for being warm and fuzzy so the video below shouldn’t be a surprise. It’s just that he yelled at a baby this time.

There have been plenty of instances where Sanders has snapped at people with a snarky tone (see below). He gets impatient with people who question his socialist policies. He recently mocked a voter questioning if he would practice what he preaches on lowering carbon emissions by shooting back that “he won’t be walking to California” instead of flying.

Socialist Bernie Sanders snaps at infant. Tells crying baby, “Can we keep *that* down a bit?”

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The owner of a famous restaurant in San Francisco, John’s Grill, is speaking out about “cranky and rude” Bernie Sanders who dined in his restaurant recently.

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John’s Grill opened in 10908 and is popular with local politicians. The restaurant has photos of politicians who’ve dined there hanging on the walls. This would be a likely place for Sanders and his entourage who were in town for a DNC event last weekend.

The experience wasn’t a great one for the wait staff according to owner John Konstin. Sanders arrived with 15 people and “didn’t want to shake hands or take pictures with anyone.” He was also “rude and cranky” to the restaurant employees according to Konstin, who spoke with Politico about the experience saying:

“It was all very nice, except for cranky Bernie. I think he was just hungry and didn’t want to be a politician. He lost my vote.”

A spokesperson for the owner said it’s very uncharacteristic of the owner to speak about patrons so this must have been a very bad experience:

“Bernie had to be in a terrible mood. Anyone in the public eye needs to understand when it’s time to order room service.”

Is anyone surprised by this “cranky” behavior? Bernie behaves this way when being interviewed too. He recently mocked a voter who had a question about global warming with a snarky quip.

Boston Magazine even published a look at Sanders’ rude behavior, ‘Bernie is Cold as Ice’, in 2015 to ask how he was “suddenly torching” Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential race.

He’s the definition of a curmudgeon, and it’s puzzling that somehow more of his supporters haven’t spoken out on his rude behavior.

Who can forget this from the last election cycle? Who does that?

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