Beto O’Rourke just went full-on drama queen in his desperate attempt to become relevant in the 2020 Presidential election.

CNN’s Jake Tapper even looked like he was going to barf when O’Rourke said this:

Tapper asked O’Rourke if he thinks it’s really racist to vote for Trump and that’s when O’Rourke’s verbal diarrhea started.

”Donald Trump will destroy the genius we represent to ourselves and to the rest of the world.”

He is talking about the elitist left’s view of themselves and their big-government policies.

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He even admits that the majority of Americans don’t buy into the far left lunacy.

Check out Jake Tapper’s expression during the video around the 1-minute mark:

This candidate needs to get the boot from the campaign trail. All he does is badmouth President Trump with false claims.

Tapper should have picked apart O’Rourke’s lies about President Trump but something tells us Tapper knows voters are wise to this clown.


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