Tucker Carlson reported on the biggest news story of the week (see below) that is not getting any coverage from the media. The media is dodging the latest move by Biden like a hot potato. In case Americans aren’t paying attention to this big news, Carlson reported that Joe Biden announced his willful effort to ignore the Constitution and a Supreme Court order against extending the moratorium on evictions.

Biden wanted to take the political pressure off of himself so he let the far-left Democrats like AOC dictate his clearly unconstitutional move.

Maxine Waters failed to pass a bill so she tweeted out that the CDC would just go ahead and do what they wanted: “Who is going to stop them?”

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Tim Pool explained Biden’s move best: “Feudalism is back”

Charlie Hurt brought up a good point during the discussion with Carlson about Biden’s brazen move on evictions saying that this is an attack on the concept of contracts:

The CDC and its director have no legal authority to stop landlords from collecting rent from their tenants. Private property rights are stated in the Constitution. Tucker Carlson makes the point that a college professor was picked by Biden to be in charge of the CDC and is now making blanket decisions on property rights that are unconstitutional.

In his comments yesterday, Biden admitted that the move by the CDC is unconstitutional but he’s doing it anyway:

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